L'ora blù (2010)

L'ora blù




Memoria del fuoco   


Sounds and sogni  
English lyrics by Alexandra St. Angelo; Italian lyrics by Claudio Pantaleone;
music by Toni Germani.


Ghost track: "Dê amor dê paixão" 
Portuguese lyrics by Silvana Dos Santos Pimentel;
music by Toni Germani.

Dedicato a
Anita Guglielmi (my mother, the source of singing), Miriam Makeba, Mercedes Sousa,Stefano Cucchi, Ivan Della Mea...



Recorded on December 7 and 8, 2009, in the theatre "Gonzalo de Berceo" of Logroño, Spain

Toni Germani, saxes and voice
Fabrizio Pieroni, piano
Marcelo Escrich, double bass

Tommy Caggiani, drums

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